LVW is a brand that was founded in 2020 by Levy van Wilgen. Although, it was founded in 2020, the first designs and samples were made in 2018. For those who might not know, the brand was originally released by Levy as a small-scale merchandise for his fans. After he received very good feedback from them, he changed his mind and decided to invest further in his brand, so it could grow to bigger heights. Levy traveled through Europe for a few years looking for the best factories and most sustainable high quality fabrics. With his creativity and vision, LVW has grown into a premium men's underwear brand that sold out all of its collections in 2023.

Levy van Wilgen biography WHAT WE STAND FOR


LVW is a Dutch based brand which is focused and exceptional in making timeless men's underwear & essentials at an affordable price while combining high-end materials with timeless colors and fits.

Our brands initials stands for the full name of our ceo and founder Levy Van Wilgen but there is more... our brand lives by 3 key words.



We combine high-end materials, with sophisticated fits but we hold a high value for timeless looking and durable products.

" Luxury is an emotion, or rather an intriguing bunch of emotions that evokes feelings of happiness, prestige, confidence, and well-being. A luxury experience puts you in a life-affirmative state where everything appears to be in high definition. "

We believe luxury is in the simplicity of the quality and not in the price. Therefore we offer a excellent Quality-Price Ratio.


How much something is worth, in terms of importance for LVW.


We hold high value for our planet, therefore we promise you that at least 90% of our inventory is sustainabile with an aim to bring that number up with 2.5% each year.

Fair labor in Europe.

We hold high value for our employees and the factory's we work with. Therefore we promise you that 95% of our collections are made in Europe. All of our products are produced at our manufacturing center in Portugal. By keeping our production in Europe, we adhere to the high standards set by the EU and have unique control over the manufacturing process. We do not view our employees as disposable and treat them as humans should be treated. We work under the European Labour Law, which ensures that all employees at our manufacturing center work fair hours for fair wages.

Empathy for our customers

LVW holds a extremely high value for their customers therefore we work with focus points who are essential for a overachieving trusting brand.

  • Respect / Transparency
  • Trust
  • Communication
  • Acces / Pro-Active support
  • Excellent Quality-Price Ratio


This goes much deeper and not only has to do with the vision of our founder, but is also certainly applicable to our brand.

Willpower is the ability to resist short-term temptations in order to meet long-term goals.
Giving us the capacity to override unwanted thoughts, feelings, and impulses.

" We even scrapped full collections, because we were not satisfied with it "

Willpower, self-discipline, and self-control are valuable abilities that can help us achieve our goals.

We belief that our brand should empower individuals to be their best selves in any way possible.


Last but not least: We've upgraded our website! In addition to receiving a full makeover including new functionalities, our website is now managed completely in-house. LVW staff IS responsible for the design, content, and availability of our store offer, as well as your precious orders, which, upon arriving from our warehouse in The Netherlands, are packaged and shipped with love!