Levy van Wilgen | Founder & CEO
Levy van Wilgen FOUNDER & CEO


Levy Van Wilgen, born in 1996 in a small village called Arkel based in The Netherlands! He played as a professional soccer player from 6 to 12 years old and this taught him a lot about discipline from a young age. This became quite evident in his later life, after finishing high school at the age of 18 he joined the army (marine corps); his passion for the human body was born there! He wanted to share his knowledge to help people and thus he decided to become a certified personal trainer. At 20 he joined instagram and shared the results of his gym journey to motivate and inspire others. As time went on, his following began to grow; his hard work and determination paid off. He started to explore a new side of himself followed by a mixture of content creation such as erotica, fitness and fashion all photographed in the most beautiful places on Earth. His following has crossed over more than 1.5 million across multiple platforms. Levy is now 27 years of age, as an entrepreneur; he is 100% focused on LVW.

In his own words
"The demand of my fans to start my own underwear merchandise was huge; I used to get hundreds of DM's daily about bringing out my own underwear line. In the beginning, it was more of a joke like "Let's give it a try, why not?!", so, I brought out the first merchandise. I called it levyunderwear, which I brought to life with the help of close family members. We started in my small living room, there were racks filled with underwear everywhere ha-ha, but after a little while it was sold out and feedback from people was shocking. They actually loved the underwear. So, I was like "Okay!", let's use the knowledge and love I have built over the years for sports & fashion and let's make a serious international brand now! And that's actually how LVW was born. Nowadays I'm pouring my whole heart into my brand, treating it like my little baby! From technical designs to flying out overseas to visit factories I have done it all to develop myself and honestly, I have learned so much over the past 4 years and I'm still learning. My goal is to make this brand known worldwide because of how good it is in every aspect."

Written on may 15th 2024.