The item i want is no longer in stock, is it coming back?

This depends on the items, we have our 5 base collections and these will never go out of stock. The fabric and fits/cuts will stay the same over the years. However sometimes we will bring out updated designs, different colors and slight changes.

We also offer a limited collections ( this is always mentioned at our product page ) these collections will not come back in stock once they are sold out.

When an item is sold out you can always sign up for a reminder, which will send you a notification once it's back in stock.

Where does LVW stands for?

Our brands initials stands for the full name of our ceo and founder Levy Van Wilgen but there is more... our brand lives by 3 key words.

We focus on minimalistic branding with sophisticated fits, and high end materials which makes up for timeless luxury mens underwear.

Our high-quality collections are divided into 5 standards.

Each collection has its own fabric, waistband design, unique fits/styles and matching timeless colors.

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Why some underwear products have their word classic before their name?

All underwear which has the name classic in it, falls under our open fly models. We will explain what a OPEN FLY is.

The simple answer is because it makes life easier in the restroom. Typically called a fly, it can have a button to keep it closed or it can be self-closing with only fabric. Think of it as going through-the-gate or over-the-fence. Both methods work, but it's a matter of personal preference.

The difficult answer is, because it provides reinforcement, breathability, and moisture-wicking functionalities.

Closed vs. Open Fly

Some men prefer no-fly underwear, finding that it fits better and offers more support. Others prefer the ventilation and convenience of open-fly underwear. You might also choose to keep a mix of options on hand - for instance, closed flys for during the day and open flys for sleeping.

What is the origin of your clothes?

The origin of our products is indicated on our website, in each product sheet. A majority of our products come from Europe (Portugal, Italy).

How does your underwear fit?

We have multiple categories of underwear.

Our Bikini briefs, and Sport briefs fit snugly. We recommend that our customers choose a larger size for better comfort.

Our Briefs, and Classic briefs fit standard pick the same size as usual.

Our Boxer Briefs, and Trunks, and Classic trunks fit standard pick the same size as usual.

Our Boxer Shorts, are more lounge, and loose fitting we recommend a size smaller than your usual size if you want them to be more fitted.

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Which materials does LVW use, are they sustainable?

We offer a wide range of fabrics, all of our fabrics used in the underwear category are 100% sustainable and eco friendly. We use organic cotton, Tencel Lyocell ( made from wood pulp ) even our Nylon which is a common synthetic fabric is 100% recycled from ocean waste. We love our planet! Find more details about fabric here.

Can i also wear LVW?

One of our main focus is valuables for our customers, therefore we offer a extremely wide range of different fits, colors and designs. Its basically impossible to scroll through our range and don't find the product which you looking for. All of our collections are offering a variety for all body types and skin colors.

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