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How to use your points

To redeem you points simply login and select an eligible reward. Please note that rewards are based on the $USD currency. Variances may occur with other currencies. You can either redeem your points for shop credit or discounts.

$ 10

200 points

$ 25

400 points

$ 50

700 points

10% OFF

200 points

20% OFF

400 points

30% OFF

700 points

Rewards FAQ


LVW FAMILY is our loyalty program, designed to give you exclusive rewards as you earn points. Simply join the program for free by logging into your LVW account and start earning points every time you shop, refer a friend, or share on social media.

How do I earn & redeem points or discounts?

There are several ways to earn points including:

  • Sign up: Create an account and earn 50 points.
  • Purchases: Earn points for every euro you spend, depending on your loyalty tier.
  • Refer a Friend: You will earn a 15% discount for every successful referral you make.
  • Birthday Coupon: Tell us when your birthday is to receive points depending on your loyalty tier.
  • Follow us on Instagram: 25 points
  • Level Up: Receive multiplier points when you upgrade to a new loyalty tier.

Points can be redeemed if you go to your rewards overview and apply one of the selected rewards you have available. Click on apply and it will automatically be applied to your shopping cart. If eligible, you will have the option to redeem your points: 200 points to get $10 off your purchase, 400 points for $25 off your purchase, and 700 points for $50 off your purchase. Or 200 points to get 10% off your entire order, 400 points to get 20% off your entire order. Or 700 points to get 30% off your entire order. One coupon can be redeemed per order.

What happens with my points if my order is returned or canceled?

If you use your points towards a purchase and later decide to make a return, your points will be credited back to your loyalty account. Likewise, any points earned for a purchase that you return are deducted from your loyalty account.

Do my points or rewards ever expire?

Your points will never expire, but if you activated a reward you will have to redeem your coupon with in 6 months after activating.

How do I reach a specific tier?

You will become, bronze member by becoming a member for free including 50 free points you will get from us.

To reach silver, gold, platinum or even diamond you will have to earn points through purchases.

What do the different VIP tiers mean?

Our levels are there to make this loyalty program stand out and be extra special we like to treat our customers as family and get more personal.

With our different tiers you can unlock even greater rewards and very exclusive perks such as meet & greets and private access to events or receiving free unreleased samples.

You will also unlock more points as you reach higher tiers.

Find out more about our tiers and there benefits here.

Does my tier ever expire?

Once you move up to specific tier you will never drop down from that tier. However you can lose points if you redeem for rewards but it will not affect your benefits from the current level you're at.

Why can I only redeem my points in dollar?

Although you can shop and checkout in different currencies, points are based on dollar currency. At checkout, you will see a dropdown with points redemption amounts in dollars, but these can be used for all orders, regardless of currency. When you choose a reward at checkout, the equivalent amount in your currency will be taken off your order.

I need help with my loyalty account?

Please send us a message at info@lvwstore.com for any questions about LVW family.