Underwear guide

In this guide, we take you through the following:

  • Underwear Models by Fit & Cut:
    Explore our range of Boxer Briefs, Trunks, Briefs, and Boxer Shorts, each designed to cater to different preferences and requirements.
  • Showcasing LVW collections:
    Dive into the distinct characteristics of our various underwear styles, highlighting their unique features and benefits.
  • Underwear Materials:
    Learn about the fabrics used in our underwear collections, understanding their properties and performance attributes.


All underwear which has the name classic in it, falls under our open fly models. We will explain what a OPEN FLY is.

The simple answer is because it makes life easier in the restroom. Typically called a fly, it can have a button to keep it closed or it can be self-closing with only fabric. Think of it as going through-the-gate or over-the-fence. Both methods work, but it's a matter of personal preference.

The difficult answer is, because it provides reinforcement, breathability, and moisture-wicking functionalities.

Open Fly also has a retro vibe and look to it therefore the name classic.

Closed vs. Open Fly

Some men prefer no-fly underwear, finding that it fits better and offers more support. Others prefer the ventilation and convenience of open-fly underwear. You might also choose to keep a mix of options on hand - for instance, closed flys for during the day and open flys for sleeping.